Thank you for visiting our web store. 

We have a range of kits, ranks, bundles and items for sale. All of the sales from this store got to help our keep our servers running.



The only way we can keep our servers open is due to the generosity of our donators.

We have a range of items on our store for all our servers. Why not take a look around?



Not Sure What To Get?

Our store has a huge range of items for all our servers, sometimes it can be hard to work out what to chose. So here is a rundown of what we offer.


Our Ranks

Every server has a range of different ranks at different prices. All are ranks have been made so no matter what mods you enjoy, there will be a rank for you. Ranks have unique kits that you can't buy normally along with commands and other benefits. 


Our Bundles

If you want to pick up a number of kits, then you may want to have a look at our bundles. By picking up some kits as part of a bundle, you can save yourself some money.


Our Kits

Our kits are built to remove all those tedious parts of the mods, and allow you just to get on and built whatever contraption you have planned. Our kits are built to be powerful, but not too powerful you feel at a disadvantage if you haven't picked up a kit yet.



Payment Types We Accept


We now accept payments via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express!

To pay via MasterCard, Visa or American Express, choose PayPal at the checkout then press pay as a guest!


Where Do Your Donations Go?

We use all our donations to help keep the servers open. We have seen loads of server shutdown due to lack of funding. A good 9 times out of 10 this is due to the server owners taking money out of the server. This is something we're against! You have donated to this store to keep our servers open, not for us to fatten our wallets. We will always make sure there is money in the pot to keep the servers running each month. We also use the donations from the store to help expand our network and add more servers and packs.


Need Support?

Have any issues with our store then please head to our support centre on our website.