Seasonal Crate Keys

a42c717cbc8319415060a0c2835d33cba511441d.pngWhat is a Season Crate Key/Item?

Some seasons will come with Seasonal Items you'll just be given, other seasons will come with Seasonal Crates.  Seasonal Crates are packs full of unique items. These items are all custom made for the crate, and there is no other way to get them. These could range from a fancy named tool, new blocks to place, new equipment, or maybe even your own pet.

All these items have been added to the game by us, and are fully unique.
Season Crates are cycled out every three months, with a new fancy crate, packed with new fancy items to grab.

3ea9bcb0a2b2cd4eb56a6015da89145ae88ed41e.pngWhat is a Last Season Crate Key/Item?

These are keys for the last season's crate. These allow you to get items you might have missed.